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     Saptak Group provides musical services for every special occasions including Weddings, Promotions, Rass/garba, Religious events, DJ events, Sweet 16 parties, Birthday celebrations, Live music, PA rentals, Graduations, Corporate functions, Concerts, Stage Lighting, Bhajans and other events in need of
musical entertainment.
From the biggest clubs in the USA to Elegant Wedding halls there has been no place where Saptak group has been. We are committed to providing the best in quality entertainment to the community.

     Services provided by Saptak music consists of the best entertainment of the highest quality. Pradip Parikh of Saptak music is a professional musician in the entertainment service, founded about 25 years ago and established as a Worldwide leader in Indian music and DJ Services. Below are the descriptions of some of the
many services provided by Saptak Musical group:

  • Musical Selection: We have one of the biggest and latest musical collection in Hindi (film songs, as well as other religious music), Punjabi, Gujarati (Rass/Garba, tradition wedding and religious music) and English (Reggae, Hip-Hop, Club, Trance, Techno, House, Alternative, Rock'n'Roll, etc.) as well as specialty music

  • Religious music for various religious functions. Including Jain, Swaminarayin, Maakichowki, Jagran, Punjabi and Sindhi communities

  • Wedding Receptions: We help plan the entire event from starting from introductions to entrances and the actual ceremony, as well as the departure of the bride and groom. We strive our selfs to provide the BEST DJS and MCs for every event.

  • Corporate functions: We have provided music for the MTA of New York City, the Gujarati cultural society of India, Hindu community center, Baria Mitra Mandal, Jain Social group as well as Senior Citizen Centers of Westcester, Long Island and Edison
  • Other Services and Venues: We also provide entertainment services for Live Concerts, Birthdays, Sweet 16's, Graduations as well as providing PA Systems.

  • Equipment: We strive our selfs to provide every event with state of the art equipment for sound and lighting. Our list of equipment is constantly being added updated, so feel free to call us and we can gladly give you an overview of the equipment we provide.

  • Contact: Feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to discuss our services in depth.
Dil11375@yahoo.com or admin@saptakmusic.com